Plant trees globally with your web searches

Ecosia is a search engine which uses their profits to plant trees across the globe. They plant trees where they are needed most, to benefit people, the environment and local economies.

All you need to do to contribute to this eco-business is use it as your search engine. You can add Ecosia to Chrome in minutes or download an app for your mobile.

The company is transparent with their finances, publishing their monthly reports so you can see exactly where the money goes. The latest report shows that 80% of surplus revenue was used to plant trees with nearly 500,00 planted.

Ecosia have built their own solar energy plant to ensure that their servers will run on 100% renewable energy. And, because they plant trees, every search on their engine removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

Ecosia in your business

We think it is a great idea, and so easy to start that you should encourage your colleagues and employees to use it too. Perhaps you could run a ‘Tree Planter of the Month’ as everyone will have a ‘tree count’ to show how many trees their searches have planted.

Ecosia is ideal to start your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or to contribute towards an existing programme. It may be that your business is focused on being greener already or is trying to start (if you aren’t then you should be!). This is an ideal quick win for you and your business but could contribute a huge amount to global issues.

We’d be interested to know if you and/or your business start using this search engine so let us know if you do!

If you still aren’t convinced here are 50 reasons to use Ecosia.