Science Vale

Science Vale is an area in Southern Oxfordshire, crossing the border of the Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire districts.  It is one of the most successful science clusters in the UK. 

Science Vale is concentrated around the three centres for science at Harwell Campus, Culham Science Centre, and Milton Park, but is supported by a number of important settlements including Didcot, Wantage and Grove.

Aims of Science Vale

Science Vale is growing fast.  By 2031 the aim is to have generated 20,000 new jobs and built 15,000 new homes on the strength of scientific and technological expertise.  If your business is science-based, you won’t find a better region in which it can prosper.

Why choose Science Vale?

Not all enterprise zones are the same.  The financial incentives may be similar, but Science Vale’s support networks and culture of innovation are unique.  We’re the UK’s number-one science hot-spot.  Here you’ll find the highest concentration of science research and development facilities in Western Europe.

Enterprise zones and business rates

Enterprise zones are a win-win opportunity: you get to grow your business faster; the surrounding community benefits from the wealth and the jobs you create.  Everyone benefits.

The Didcot Growth Accelerator enterprise zones within Science Vale include discounted business rates. Your business could save up to £55,000 a year in business rates for the first five years!

Science Vale enterprise zones

Science Vale’s two enterprise zones form a range of opportunities in and around the town of Didcot.  The largest single site is at Harwell, one site is next to the A34 Milton Interchange, several are at Milton Park and the rest are to the north and west of Didcot, in and around the area of the former Didcot A power station.  All sites will have superb road connections and a variety of residential areas nearby.


Harwell Campus, home of Diamond Light Source
Harwell Campus, home of Diamond Light Source pictured

The Harwell enterprise zone occupies a large part of the 710-acre Harwell Campus, near the world famous Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.  Harwell is already home to 200 businesses employing over 5,500 people.  Its industry clusters – space and satellite applications, life sciences and healthcare, big data and supercomputing, energy and environment and advanced engineering and materials – are driven by the expertise that comes from hosting five of the UK’s leading big-science facilities.

Milton Park

Aerial view of Milton Park
Aerial view of Milton Park, areas of the park fall into the Science Vale enterprise zones.

Milton Park is a premium business park to the north-west of Didcot.  It’s home to a diverse group of 250 businesses and support services.  The 15 individual enterprise zone sites draw from a mixture of greenfield and brownfield sites.  In Milton Park, collaboration and interaction are actively encouraged.  Here, cutting-edge science and technology occupiers, innovative business enterprises, excellent transport links (the A34 is just a few minutes away), outstanding amenities and a stunning natural landscape combine to create a happy, thriving community.

Didcot Growth Accelerator

The Didcot Growth Accelerator is our newest enterprise zone.  It consists of five sites to the north of Didcot and six extension sites in Milton Park.

  • D-Tech: a 23-hectare (55-acre) site capable of providing 950,000 sq ft of hi-tech offices, laboratories and manufacturing facilities – and 2,000 new jobs.
  • Southmead Park: three sites totalling 3.5 hectares (8 acres).  It includes the Meridian Didcot Business Village, a 2.5 hectare (6.5 acre) site which will provide 150,000 sq. ft. of space for offices, laboratories and manufacturing and create 200 jobs.
  • Milton Interchange: an 8-hectare (20-acre) enterprise zone right next to the A34 Milton Interchange.
  • Signia Park: the 36-hectare, northern part of the site of the former Didcot A power station is suitable for mixed-use business and industrial development, including offices, light industry, storage and distribution.
  • Giant Didcot Distribution Park: a 62-acre site, adjacent to the Didcot B power station, offers warehousing facilities for a range of businesses including those looking for a multi-use site to incorporate offices and laboratories.
  • Milton Park Growth Accelerator: another six selected sites within the hugely popular Milton Park.

With the potential for 3.25million sq ft of new business space and more than 8,500 jobs, Didcot Growth Accelerator will make a major contribution to the prosperity of the southern Oxfordshire community.

To find out more about Science Vale, or receive specific advice please visit the Science Vale website, or email: