Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Personal and business data

  • Personal information submitted as part of a V4B Awards application will be treated as confidential.
  • Data will not be stored for purposes other than communications related to your application and the awards process.
  • We never share your information, or your referred contact/s’ information, with 3rd parties or any other organisation or individual.
  • In order to remain compliant, we will share your details on occasions whereby official public or law enforcement agencies request them
  • For your protection, we will share your details in the event of a security breech, technical malfunction or any other circumstance where your privacy is deemed at risk.
  • Business information, including supporting financial projections and statements will be treated as strictly confidential and only shared as appropriate with the awards judging panel.


By submitting an application to the V4B Awards, you agree that:

  • Relevant information concerning your application may be shared with our judging panel.
  • Information supplied within application forms is accurate and genuine.


  • All entries must comply with the applications timeline laid out by V4B.
  • V4B reserves the right to extend the applications deadlines as deemed appropriate.

Judges and conflict of Interest

  • Members of the judging panel will declare conflict of interest as appropriate.
  • Members of the judging panel will not receive a vote where conflict of interest in declared or evident.
  • The decision of the judging panel in all award categories is final.

Awards evening tickets

  • Separate terms and conditions for awards evening tickets will be published once tickets are made available.

Photography and publicity

  • We will endeavour to ensure that photographs of individuals are used appropriately and not manipulated or used in a derogatory way which is likely to cause offence or embarrassment, thus respecting the rights of the individual.
  • Photographs of V4B Awards events may be taken by the organisers to be used for publicity purposes in leaflets, newspaper / magazine articles, or on the V4B website. They may also be used as part of V4B newsletters, future awards promotions and sponsor opportunity documents.
  • A selection of photographs capturing V4B Awards events, its attendees and activities will be archived appropriately and retained indefinitely to be used within relevant contexts.
  • Digital images no longer required will be permanently removed from all IT storage devices prior to disposal.