POSTPONED: V4B Event: The Myth of Bigger, Better, More…

EVENT POSTPONED: Email for information.

Join Vale4Business as we partner with Kate Mercer, Director of Leaders Lab  and Author of “A Buzz in the Building: How to Build and Lead a Brilliant Organisation“, for a seminar focusing on “The Myth of Bigger, Better, More… why growing your business could be a bad idea”.

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Boston House Business Centre
Grove Business Park
Downsview Road
OX12 9FF

Date and time

6 September
9.30am until 12.30pm

What to expect from the seminar

Are you a business owner with three or more employees? Do you suffer from growing pains? Do you find yourself thinking:

  • “Why does everything end up on my desk?”
  • “How can I get people to do what’s needed?”
  • “Why am I spending all my time firefighting?”
  • “Why can I never find the time to do the important stuff?”

This seminar is for you!

You will be given the opportunity to work out your own answers to these questions and will leave with materials and insights that will enable you to take the first steps to building and leading a brilliant organisation.

Results You can Expect

  • You’ll be able to identify which stage your business is at.
  • You will know what’s stopping you from growing.
  • You’ll discover that you don’t have to grow your organisation and which stage you are best suited to managing. 
  • You might find out that growing your business is not the best option for you!

Key Contents

  • Where your business has got to on its journey.
  • How suited you and your management style are to the stage it’s at.
  • Clear roles and accountabilities so people don’t tread on each other’s toes.
  • Simple performance management so people do what’s needed and know when they’ve succeeded.
  • Managing people as professionals, not as mates.
  • Recruiting the kinds of people your organisation needs rather than who you think will ‘fit’.
  • What to do with people who can’t keep up.
  • Pitfalls you might meet and how to handle them.

Co-founder of Leaders Lab, Kate Mercer is an inspiring coach, facilitator and trainer who works with business leaders to create healthy organisations. Over 30 years she has helped individuals and teams to get to grips with their organisation, and is an acclaimed and thought-provoking public speaker.

Kate is an author and contributor of articles and blogs to industry publications. Her 2016 business book, A Buzz in the Building: How to build and lead a brilliant organisation, channels the straightforward principles she has refined over a lifetime of working in and consulting with large and small organisations, addressing issues simply, practically and directly.